A downloadable game for Windows

Smadrepit is a game where you have to control the crowd of a heavy metal concert. Mosh pit, circle pit, wall of death! Do it all!

Work together to keep the concert alive by forming an epic heavy metal crowd.


  • Antonios Nestoridis
  • Carolina Bermejo Pascual
  • Leonard Maxim
  • Simone Chelo
  • Niels Andreas Østman

Music by Frank Henningsen


Player 1:
Directions: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow
Buttons: Z, X

Player 2:
Directions: J (left), K (down), I (up), L (right)
Buttons: N, M

Player 3:
Directions: A (left), S (down), W (up), D (right)
Buttons: Q, E

Player 4:
Directions: F (left), G (down), T (up), H (right)
Buttons: R, Y


Smadrepit.zip 55 MB
copenhell.zip 50 MB