A downloadable game for Windows

An interactive exploration game that uncovers the story of a recluse living in an old bus in the wilderness, by discovering mundane objects as well as intimate fragments of a secluded life.


  • Squeeze grip buttons to interact and pickup objects
  • Press trigger button to activate interactions on certain held objects
  • Press and hold trackpad to teleport


  • Niels Østman:  Group Management & Programming responsible
  • Marco Camargo: Art & 3D asset responsible
  • Martin Eberhardt: Story and PR responsible
  • Tobias Jørgensen: Game & level design responsible
  • John Wood: Music


jeffreyw - baked beans photo

StarFluff - vietnam war picture

13FPanska_Sychra_Petr - bus engine sound

Al_BeDV - gas stove

Globe Games - rain sounds

GameWarming - mountains

Day-Night Skyboxes - skybox


VRTK - teleportation for testing purposes

SteamVR - VR framework for HTC Vive

NewtonVR - VR physics and interaction framework

aldonaletto - blacklight

robertcupisz - Volumetric lights for the flashlight


A Good Turn Release.zip 207 MB

Development log