A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An interactive exploration game that uncovers the story of a recluse living in an old bus in the wilderness, by discovering mundane objects as well as intimate fragments of a secluded life.

Mouse / keyboard

  • left click: pickup / drop
  • e: pickup / drop
  • r: rotate / stop rotate - rotate with wasd
  • f: flashlight on / off
  • space: jump
  • right click: zoom
  • z: zoom
  • c: crouch
  • wasd: navigate
  • t: CHEAT turn on lights


  • A: pickup / drop
  • X: rotate / stop rotate - rotate with sticks
  • B: flashlight on / off
  • Y: jump
  • left trigger: zoom
  • right trigger: crouch
  • analogue sticks: navigate
  • back: quit game
  • start: CHEAT turn on lights


  • Niels Østman: Programming/Project lead
  • Martin Eberhardt: Story
  • Tobias Jørgensen: Story
  • Marco Camargo: Graphics
  • John Wood: Music

More information

Published47 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Authorsnielsaoe, monokuka


A Good Turn macOS.zip (120 MB)
A Good Turn Windows.zip (117 MB)